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Cars & Canines

Preserving the antique & classic car culture for future generations

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Why Cars & Canines?


Cars and canines (and kitty cats) go together, like coffee and cream.  We can't live without one or the other.

We love our vintage automobiles and we also love our four-legged buddies. So why do we take are fur babies with us? Because we love their wet noses on our car windows and we love how they hang out their heads out the window to enjoy the infinite number of new and interesting smells zipping by.  Most importantly, we love how they make the perfect cruising companion since they never tell us to slow down! 

When I queried our club members, I discovered that many dogs were already having the time of their lives cruising around with their pet parents on weekdays or weekends. It was unanimous among our members that we dedicate a website page to cars and canine. 

Important is good common sense that we take the same precautions when driving with our pets as we do with humans. Always partially roll down the window and harness them to a seat belt for their safety. Also, don't forget their Doggles to avoid eye injuries!

Here is a cute article why dogs love car rides for you to enjoy.

Here are some favorite photos of canines in cars.  Guaranteed laughs and smiles! 

Stay tuned as more photos are coming soon. 

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