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Preserving the antique & classic car culture for future generations

We meet the last Monday of  every month, 5:30pm
Brass Bear
3302 McCaw Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(off Las Positas Rd)

About Our Club

We are the Santa Barbara region  of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). Our mission is to promote the preservation, restoration, enjoyment, and collection of antique automobiles in Ventura, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Santa Paula, and Santa Maria. We are involved in the community and drive and present our vehicles in numerous shows and parades throughout the year.  

We have a dedicated club house for meetings, parties, and other club functions at The Brass Bear, 3302 McCaw Avenue (off Las Positas Road), Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

Come join us at any of our events to meet our members, or become one yourself!

Become a Member by clicking here.


You don't have to own an antique car or vintage car to be a member. 

AACA National Website
AACA  National Events

Our club is for both young and seasoned car lovers.

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About the Antique Automobile Club of America

The AACA is the largest and oldest automobile history society in the nation. It was established in Philadelphia in 1935, and today, more than 60,000 people from all over the world are members. The AACA organizes both competitive and noncompetitive meetings and activities across the nation. By fostering interest in and preservation of vintage cars, as well as by encouraging sportsmanship and goodwill among all AACA members, the AACA aims to preserve the pioneering days of automobiling. The term "automobile" is used by the AACA in a broad sense to refer to all self-propelled vehicles intended for passenger usage (cars, race vehicles, trucks, fire vehicles, motorcycles, powered bicycles, etc.). Similar to that, the phrase covers a range of energy sources, including electric, steam, diesel, and gasoline. Activities are open to all types of motor vehicles that are at least 25 years old. 


The group publishes "The Antique Automobile," the leading publication in the nation for automotive history, twice a month through its national office. Both the National AACA, which costs $40.00 per year, and the Santa Barbara Region of the AACA, which costs $30.00 per year, must be members in order to join the Santa Barbara chapter. Membership is open to everyone, regardless of car ownership. 


Visit for more details about the AACA, including membership applications.

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A Message From Our President

Dear members of AACA Santa Barbara,

This fine club started in the mid 70’s.  Since then, it has seen tremendous growth and also tremendous attrition.  When I became President almost 20 years ago, I sat at Harrys with 6 active members.  Jeremy Hass was then President and lost focus in the club mostly due to his advancing age. The rebuilding of AACA needed a plan, immediately!

My plan was simple:

1.  Plan activities for our members

2.  Find interesting speakers with diverse messaging was important

3.  Involve the Women

The club grew exponentially. Then Pandemic hit!

Now it’s time to rebuild again since loosing nearly 40 members. Our car hobby is far from “dead”.  It is in transition! Also, many of the “old timers”, I’ll include myself, will not be here forever! So, it is important to reach out to youth to carry our club forward.


I’m doing that.  Tonight you will meet an amazing group of young car guys that are the future of this Club!

Dana Newquist

Board of Directors

Our team are dedicated professionals who love their antique cars and are truly committed to our club.

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Dana Newquist


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Roy Miller

Vice President

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Bob Burtress


Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 11.02.05 AM.png

Neil Graffy


Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 11.02.30 AM.png

Fritz Hamsberger


Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 11.02.37 AM.png

Frank Crowe


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Cptn. Joe Danley

Pledge of Allegiance

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Nollie Lawson


"I look forward to our monthly meetings. Always fun, always informative!"


"I have more fun at the AACA events than any other club I have participated in". Keep up the good work Dana for keeping us laughing!"

"Awesome place to meet and talk about classic cars plus we learn something new from our guest speakers."

Orwin Middleton
Alma Rose 
Bob Burtess

"Our club exceeds my expectations month after month with great speakers."

Laura Cleery

“By far the most active club I have ever joined. I look forward to our meetings every month (and the food).”

Michael Rand
Alma Rose Middleton
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